Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Went out to visit Otree and the Vitch last week in Boulder. Otree picked me up at DIA. B-lined for Vitches shoppe to recover my bike that was shipped out. Rode that day near Nederland in some of the funnest single track I've ever ridden. Next few days were tastes of the life that Steve has been living all summer long. Delicious.
Vitch hooked me up with a rental road bike from his shoppe. A Seven Ti-carbon lugged machine that was so dialed and nice it was very hard to say goodbye. Steve and I did a popular route out of town and went up. And went up. And when we weren't going up, we were going up. It was just another day in the saddle for Steve I'm sure. 14 miles doesn't sound like much. But when the elevation gain is over 4300ft those miles get stretched a bit. We got to the top and had some buffalo burger and beer. Then down. Wicked fun turns. Fast straights and then hairpin turns. A little beer buzz when going this fast is essential so you keep your wits about you.
On the last day Vitch, Steve and I explored some mountain bike trails that proved not to let us down. Three hours in the saddle and we were all done.
My legs are still recovering and my liver is in need of repair. Good times.