Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time to Cowboy Up

Okay, I was rollin' along doing the Slick 50 and who did I encounter as we cruised up West River Road but Mr. Fitzgerald who hails from Burleigh f@ck#n* County (Hurl and I hail from said county). After making a bit of small talk and catching up on important things such as his 93-year-old grandpa, who is still ranching in SoDak, Fitz cut to the chase.

"Have you registered for the 5-O, Sean?"


"Well, the field has been capped at 500 this year. Online registration is open, and Perry has a fair number of registrations already. There is going to be no registration on race day."

Okay, I've been warned. You've been warned. There were 398 racers in 2009. Word of mouth on the race is fantastic so chances are the field will fill. If you have been entertaining thoughts of riding the 5-O sign up soon. The link for the 10th anniversary race is here:

Unfortunately, Thorny and Tommy Mac, the Citadel Slide is no longer part of the course as is the hellish uphill preceding. However, we'll still need to get up and over that same ridge from the last aid station and it's all new singletrack. Perry and his Ridge Rider crew only build quality singletrack so the new stuff is bound to be fun.

Don't let the Wrangler skinsuit in the picture fool you. The course is challenging. The scenery is spectacular. Every year I make certain to pay attention when I'm rolling along Spearfish Canyon because I don't want to miss the spots on the trail where I can see the creek 700 feet below. If you want to test yourself on a course with some quality singletrack and great scenery then the 5-O is for you. Perry and his army of volunteers are fantastic hosts. Let them show you all Spearfish, S.D., has to offer.

Hope to see you there.

Photo credit to Kelly Mac.