Sunday, November 16, 2008

ScottERob at State CX Championships

Damn, but blogger lacks. Anyway, it appears it will finally allow me to post this sub-par image of Mr. Robertson.

ScottERob looked good. He was strong on the stairs and the sand.

Wish I had a better picture to post but I couldn't even get this thing to post earlier with my other K-racing images--must be the Hollywood kit I suppose.

Baba's baby is all grown up

Nearly 280 racers. Great course. Superfans all over. Lots of fun. Lot's of K-racers on the course and off. Here are a few shots.

Here is my favorite shot of the day. It's Josh coming in hot at the stairs on his single in the Cat. 1/2 race.

Sorry, Becko and Robo. I have no shots of you to share. I was registering and getting ready for my race when the when the former was on the course and racing with the latter.

The young Lalonde shows his cross-country skills on the stairs in the Cat. 1/2. He was definitely the fastest runner. It wasn't close. 

How are we getting him into some K-kit?

On the previous lap their positions were reversed. Ezra didn't get the hole shot but he did chase people down in the main event. Excellent effort. First place single-speed and then recover for 45 minutes and finish fifth in the Cat 1/2 men. I wish I had your lungs and legs.

I really like this picture of Tomac riding hard and duking it out in the threes (or is it trees?). Crop it and it's a keeper.

Wallace Wallace leading a large group through the triple.

Matt generating a nice rooster through the sandtrap.

Here is TTTT sitting third at the start of the Cat. 3 race. He didn't quite get the hole shot but it was close. I must confess I completely missed Thorny and never saw him until he was on his third trip through the sandtrap. Then I'm checking out my photos and  what do you know he shows up on my SD card as clear as can be. I tip my Hurl-hand-me-down Milram cap to you TTTT.