Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kenwood Podium Shot

Ah, meat. Get a load of the honker in the upper left. First prize, there suckas. The best of Sweden. I believe this was post TT at Wirth. "Get beat by a pregnant lady - owe a buck. Beat Billy - win a buck."

(OTree and I both won a buck. We were on Ti super bikes, thoughs.)

Fruita Photo Dump

When I returned to MSP after celebrating my cousin’s 40th birthday I started putting nearly every family photo I’ve shot in the past few years in my .Mac gallery so my sisters could download what they will. While I enjoy looking at mostly bad snapshots of my nieces and nephews there is only so much I can take.

Yesterday I uploaded all 111 of my Fruita 2006 photos. Take what you like. If nothing else you’ll have a permanent record of a moment when you were younger, prettier, and faster:

I put just about all of my Maah Daah Hey photos as well. If you haven’t ridden there they are worth a look. I haven’t put up any explanatory text but there are lots of pretty pictures to look at as long as you ignore my brother’s jerseys.

Oh, and sorry, but no Hot Tomato photos--dead battery.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's official

Ice sucks. Once the lunch-time hockey season is over I've had it with all the ice. Sheer ice. Bumpy ice. Hard, painful ice. Impenetrable. Bring on the slush.

On a brighter note, I saw Pauly at the Par 3 lot today hopping around with his skis held high overhead. He's out there. And he's doing his Thing. Unfortunately, I didn't stop to ask if he had any more sweet potato pie.