Sunday, February 24, 2008


That's right KRacers! Get it on. Get it up and get down. 2008 is rollin' and WFBH will be here before we know it. Cable, O2S, MNSCS, 24 at 9 Mile, Seeley, Cheq, KMNRs!, Dakota 50 and whatever else we can dream up. The race action will be hot! The wheels rolling will be big and small. The parties will all be epic and the hangovers will be legendary. Live it up and burn it down. Kenwood Racing, BKB, One on One, CRC! We're livin' the dream. Get it on motherfuckers!


fc said...

thorny for motherfuckin' president!!!!

Anonymous said...

don't forget the ironman 100 bike challenge!

john h.

devin said...

I am dreaming right along with you. warmer is coming and the wheels are tuning.