Sunday, March 16, 2008


Plenty of Kenwoodies out on Saturday.  Sunday was a different story.  

Headed into the wind and ended up in Afton.  Nice that the little coffee place was open.  I hear they make some little attachment that you can put on a bike to carry liquids.


ww said...

Last time I saw that bike you'd jettisoned the bottle cages and were carrying them in your jersey pocket. I'm not sure that portaging your bike is the fastest way at the Cable Classique.

BTW, which bike you riding UP there this year?

otree said...

Different bike, but one more reason the keep the frame clear of clutter.

Great 'learning' experience at that Cable race. I learned that if SRob says something is a horrible idea, listen to him.

My Cable ride will need to wait until fall, won't be able to make the spring event.

If any other woodies decide to ride up there this spring I will tell you where the hot camping spot is on the way. Full on Wisco paradise, on site bar with frozen pizzas and High Life in a can.

Anonymous said...

I know you will ride to Cable again and again and again. Just not sure you will be solo the next time.