Friday, August 26, 2011

Cowboy up!

And, who will I be seeing at the 5-0 next weekend??


Anonymous said...

I would if I'd gotten my registration in on time. Know any way to get in late?
-Silent Rich

burnt said...

Oh, sorry, Silent Richard. I got in last year by promising to wear the Wrangler skinsuit. Things are probably pretty tight because 600 riders has now become 700--that is how my brother got in.

There are people like B-Rad who aren't going to take advantage of their entries due to injury. Perhaps, you could sneak in that way with an email to

burnt said...

And Ms. Dirtgirl I think I have a windbreaker and clear glasses of your beau. Did he leave them at the state championship cross race? Let's talk in Spearfish.